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About Us

When it comes to packaging, sometimes you need an off-the-shelf product, sometimes you need a completely customized solution and sometimes you just need some good advice. For more than three decades, PreferPack has provided customers with all of these things and more. We are packaging experts who can help you develop the most optimal packaging solution, no matter what your unique need may be. Combining years of packaging experience, access to the industry’s latest packaging products and technologies and a straight talk approach to customer service, we have earned our customers trust as their packaging partner of choice. Often, you can get the performance and price you’re looking for. It’s all about developing the right solution and utilizing the right products and methods. Let us earn your business by showing you how the right solution can increase your bottom line.

  • JIT warehousing

  • Quick solutions for packaging issues

  • Total reduction of packaging costs

  • Unmatched service

We're Family Owned & Operated Since 1976

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