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Thermoform Packaging

Plastic trays and other thermoformed products offer superior durability over wood or corrugated paper, are easy to manufacture and are cost-effective, making this type of packaging highly popular and budget friendly. Thermoforming trays and other products is much faster than injection molding with a much lower tooling cost as well.

At PreferPack, we use either thin-gauge or heavy-gauge film sheets, and these sheets are placed over a mold, heated and vacuum formed with a burst of reverse air pressure to make the product’s shape. When the shaped film sheet cools, the sheet becomes a solid but flexible (depending on thickness and design) product that can withstand a surprising amount of use.

Some popular, widely used thermoformed products include clamshell packaging used in the food industry along with packaging liners used for medical device packaging and sterilization for surgical and medical purposes. Thermoformed trays can be stackable or nestable as well as reinforced for heavyduty purposes.


You can call us at (877) 284-7752 or send us one of our contact forms with any question you may have about thermoform products at PreferPack, and we’ll be happy to do what we can to deliver the best packaging solution for your needs.

Cost Effective & Versatile

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