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Sustainable Packaging

Today, more than ever, sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle is everyone’s concern. We can help you meet the demands of your sustainable packaging requirements in a multitude of ways. Often, people think of sustainable packaging as a new product you buy. But, in many cases, the right design, proper sizing and reduction in materials is just as important in reducing waste as choosing the right type of recyclable or re-usable product. Let us show you how sustainability doesn’t always mean an increase in cost.

We offer a variety of sustainable packaging materials, including:
  • Corrugated Boxes and Inserts

  • Corrugated Pallets

  • Chipboard Boxes and Inserts

  • Molded Pulp

  • Single Face Corrugated

  • Corrugated and Chipboard Partitions

  • Corrugated Reels and Chipboard Spools

  • Paper Bags

  • Eco-Friendly, Water-Based Inks

  • Bio-based, Sugar Cane Plastics

  • Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics


For 48 years, PreferPack has been providing customers with the optimal packaging solutions for their unique needs. Besides sustainable packaging, we also provide auto bottom boxes, folding cartons, corrugated reels, digital corrugated printing, custom corrugated, and plastic tubes.

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