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Plastic Reels & Spools

Molded Solid Plastic Spools And Reels

Solid molded plastic spools and reels offer great versatility for shipping and storing a wide variety of products. At PreferPack, we offer plastic reels and spools with nearly any size flange diameter, core diameter and core length you may need.

Our plastic molded spools and reels come in a range of core lengths, core diameters, flange diameters and flange thicknesses. 


Please call us at (877) 284-7752 to discuss what type and size of molded spool is best for your needs. You can also click on the Request A Price Quote button and quickly fill out the form, and we will get back to you promptly.

Blow Molded Plastic Reels

Molded plastic reels are heavy duty and highly durable yet lightweight, ideal for storing or shipping cable, chain, rope, banding along with many other products. The flanges snap onto the core with threads and notches, providing a secure, lasting reel with the ability to break down for shipping and other reasons. There are many different core and flange size combinations available for a variety of heavy-duty applications.

  • The molded plastic reels ship knocked-down saving you money on shipping costs, and the reels assemble quickly on-site without any mechanical fasteners

  • Unassembled reel components take up a fraction of warehouse space compared to plywood reels and single-piece plastic reels

  • Constructed of HDPE, these reels are lightweight but rugged, offering trusted performance and durability even in harsh environments

  • Rugged design also helps protect your spooled product even when fully loaded, minimizing damage and wasted inventory

  • Blow-molding creates a smooth durable finish that reduces handler injuries caused by splinters cutting down on lost time and annual recordables

  • Molded plastic reels are 100% recyclable


Size ranges include:

  • Flange outer diameter range: 12” to 36”

  • Core diameter range: 3” to 14”

  • Core traverse size: 4” to 28”