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Structural Packaging Design

A properly designed package will:
  • Reduce costs

  • Reduce waste

  • Reduce production time

  • Reduce product damage and returns

  • Reduce environmental impact

  • Increase profits

Our design staff has over 150 collective years of product protection design ranging from electronics to confections, small items to large satellite dishes, and light to extremely heavy items. Whether your product is large or small, delicate or robust, we can design a package that will provide maximum overall performance while increasing your bottom line. For over 42 years, PreferPack has been providing customers with the optimal packaging solutions for their unique needs. Besides packaging design, we also provide auto bottom boxescorrugated reelsplastic tubescustom corrugated packagingfolding cartonsdigital corrugated printing, and sustainable packaging.

Packaging Design

Since 1976, structural packaging design has been the cornerstone of our business. Over 48 years in business, we’ve helped our customers reduce packaging costs and increase profits by working with a multitude of different packaging products and technologies to achieve the best combination of performance and price.

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