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Be Bold With Your Packaging & Win The Attention Over The Big Brands

It doesn’t matter what your product is as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you have a single, very public and powerful way to take on large corporations: Bold Packaging.

Big companies tend to play it safe with their product packaging since their packaging is constrained by the finance department and the supply chain. This gives the smaller business a very distinct opportunity to gain some market share by designing unique, bigger, bolder and all-around more awesome packaging that multi-national companies would love to do but just…can’t.

For example, take the health care aisle at any store. A shopper will no doubt have many options to choose from, but they’re more likely to grab the one product that catches their attention – stands out from all the others. You can make your brand of hair gel sparkle like a star in the night sky if you put some thought into the container or tube. Make it big and shapely, and give the hair gel tubes rich jewel colors and tones that reflect your brand’s identity and quality.

Having a squeeze tube with a more bulbous shape will give you more room to describe ingredients and provide the customer, who is now reading your bottle of hair gel, all the benefits she or he will enjoy when using this quality product from your company. Having custom squeeze tubes designed, made and filled for your brand of products is much simpler and faster than you think, and your ROI for stepping outside the big box way of thinking will be much greater.

Call us here at PreferPack at (877) 284-7752, and we can help you get started on making your product, your brand and your company stand out whether you need squeeze tubes, custom corrugated packages or shipping boxes with your special logo (think Amazon).


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