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Consider Heavy Duty Bubble Wrap for Shipping

Bubble wrap is one of the most durable and versatile packaging materials. Due to it being an excellent insulator against impacts, along with being lightweight and cost-effective, bubble wrap has been one of the top choices for protecting products and goods being shipped and mailed since being developed in the 1960s.

However, not all bubble wrap is the same.

If you are shipping a heavy product, an electric motor for example, or a highly valuable fragile item, heavy duty, or commercial grade, bubble wrap might be your best option to protect your products. Heavy duty bubble wrap also is ideal for long shipment cycles or extreme shipping conditions. It’s ideal to wrap the product with the bubble wrap as well as take up empty space in your corrugated box to help prevent damaging the item.

Heavy duty bubble wrap is made with thicker polyethylene material that has a better tensile strength and resists punctures much better than normal bubble wrap. This type of bubble wrap also has a layer of nylon to help prevent air loss, keeping the bubble wrap’s protective layers intact longer, safeguarding against shock, vibration and abrasion.

At PreferPack, we provide nylon-lined bubble wrap in rolls, custom sheet sizes, custom bags and self-sealing bags. Call us at 1-877-284-7752 or visit to ask how our heavy duty, custom grade bubble wrap can help protect your products during shipping.


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