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PreferPack Delivers Better Quality Pop-Up Spools

At PreferPack, we offer pop-up spools in two grades of corrugated paperboard. Both grades are assembled using hot-melt glue which is impervious to moisture compared to the water-based glue of other reels. We’ve had several phone calls about pop-up spools made using lightweight corrugated stock and water-based glue failing under high humidity conditions.

Also, we offer single face corrugated core wraps which are approximately 0.060″ thick compared to the 0.020″ thick paper chipboard. The combination of our heavier corrugated, hot melt glue and single face corrugated core wrap out performs the standard pop-up reel particularly in humid conditions.

If you’re not familiar, corrugated pop-up spools are a good way to store and ship products like string, cable, rope, chain, wire, tubing, hose and almost any wound product. The great advantage of pop-up spools over more traditional spools is pop-up spools collapse to being nearly flat, which saves a lot of space on the shelf as well as shipping costs.

Another quality enhancement to our pop-up spools is the design of the tabs, the portion of the reel that unfolds from flat to extended, creating the core. Using an improved shape for the tabs, as well as the hot melt glue, gives our pop-up spools more rigidity.

These enhancements really make the quality of PreferPack’s pop-up spools stand out from our competition. If your business ships or stores any type of wound product, contact us at PreferPack to see corrugated pop-up spool options we offer. Not only do we have the best-quality pop-up spools, we also have 40-plus years of making customers happy, and we ship to every state except Alaska. Call us at 1-877-284-7752 or visit


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