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Real Stories How PreferPack’s Packaging Solutions Save Businesses Money & Time

There’s a lot more to packaging than just packaging, which is why more and more companies are coming to PreferPack for their packaging needs. While many packaging companies are happy to sell anything you ask for, at PreferPack, we listen to your needs and then provide custom and / or stock packaging solutions that often turn into time and money savers for your business.

Here are a couple of stories about how PreferPack helped a business with personal, customized packaging solutions.

This is an example of a thermoformed plastic tray.

One of our clients was using paperboard partitions to ship products to a large corporate customer. We introduced the idea of using thermoformed plastic trays to carry the products instead of paperboard. These trays are made from sheets of recycled plastic materials that are put on a form, heated and cooled to make a lightweight and highly durable tray. The client used paperboard because that’s the product they always used, but when they tried using thermoformed plastic trays instead, they saw immediate savings in unit costs. The lightweight construction and stacking ability of these new thermoformed trays also saved the business money in warehouse space and labor costs.

For years, another client used wooden reels to store and ship cables and wires. We suggested using plastic reels instead of the wooden reels as we explained plastic reels have many advantages over wooden reels starting with having a much lower cost. We also provided custom sizes of plastic reels for the different applications at the business eliminating waste in space and weight, delivering huge warehouse and shipping cost savings. The employees at the business liked the new plastic reels as well since they were much lighter than the wood spools, easier to keep clean and fully recyclable as well.

Solid molded plastic trays can be created with nearly any core length and diameter as well as flange diameter.

The above example actually happens repeatedly for many different businesses, and we’re able to provide custom packaging solutions case-by-case by the business’s needs. For instance, plastic spools come in a variety of forms such as solid molded plastic, corrugated take-down reels and blow molded plastic reels. Each type of different plastic reel has its advantages, and we always work with the client to make sure they have the ideal type and size of plastic spool for their products and needs.

Feel free to contact us at PreferPack to see how we can implement new packaging solutions for your business, not just for spools and reels or plastic thermoformed trays, but for every type of packaging like squeeze tubes, pouches and paperboard folding cartons. For instance, we can help create customized cosmetic squeeze tubes along with coordinating cardboard cartons to make your products and brand stand out on the shelf. Call us at 1-877-284-7752 and ask us how we can make your packaging better and more efficient.


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