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Examples of Possibilities with Cosmetics Squeeze Tubes and Flexible Packaging

Beauty and cosmetics squeeze tubes and custom branded packaging has taken the forefront lately in the packaging industry. From the 2017 Indie Beauty Expo to the Cosmoprof NA recently in Las Vegas, the increased emphasis on standing out to both business and consumers with custom packaging was quite evident.

We share some of the highlights of the two big trade shows to give examples of what is now possible with cosmetics squeeze tubes and other forms of packaging like flexible pouches being used in the personal care industry.

Here is a plastic squeeze tube example with creative, colorful and effective branding that turns this ordinary toothpaste squeeze tube with complimentary shelf-ready packaging into an immediate attention grabber. Most toothpaste tubes are plastic squeeze tubes with an interior aluminum barrier that helps protect the toothpaste from any type of contaminants from the outside or from the squeeze tube itself.

When it comes to examples of custom packaging that displays branding possibilities across an entire product line, this is it from the Indie Beauty Expo. Bath salts neatly packaged in flexible, resealable pouches make the product easy to store and use while protecting the contents from moisture and the atmosphere. The brand’s different types of bath scrubs are packaged in squeeze tubes with complimentary labeling and colors help establish and make this product line stand out on the retail shelves.

Squeeze pouches with twist off caps help make these personal care items and lotions easy to store, use and take along on trips. You can design squeeze pouches like this at preferpack and have them customized exactly how you like and need.

Flexible pouches with dissolving plastic individual packs of shaving cream designed to revolutionize the way men shave whether at home or while traveling. The resealable pouch helps protect the individual shaving cream packets from moisture that would prematurely dissolve the mini packs, rendering the contents a waste.

It’s exciting to see how squeezable tubes and flexible pouches are evolving and expanding in creativity, customization and overall use as packaging. For 40 years PreferPack has offered the latest, high quality packaging options to companies of all sizes, and we’ll be happy to answer any question you may have about packaging possibilities. Simply call us at (877) 284-7752 or get a price quote via email.


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