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Learn The Advantages Of The Different Types of Squeeze Tubes

Squeezable tubes are much more prominent in almost every industry today because of their flexibility to hold and dispense a wide range of products along with being easier and less expensive to make, fill and cap over other containers like jars and bottles. In fact, the cosmetics and personal care industries have greatly increased their use of plastic squeeze tubes for the above reasons as well as better durability, increased resistance to breaking, air tightness and longer product shelf life.

As the use of squeeze tubes is growing greatly, there are a lot more types of squeeze tubes available like extruded plastic tubes, laminate tubes and solid aluminum tubes. Of course, that means there are many more choices to make when deciding which type of squeeze tube is right for your product line.

To make better choices for your product or products, you should know some basics about the advantages the different types of squeeze tubes deliver. Those advantages are below:

Extruded Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Extruded plastic squeeze tubes are everywhere, and for many good reasons. Plastic tubes are lightweight, non-breakable, durable and essentially leak proof. The plastic material protects the product contained in the tube to extend the product’s shelf life greatly over other containers like jars or bottles. Plus, throughout the life of the tube’s contents, when you squeeze an extruded plastic squeeze tube and release it, the tube returns to its original shape without distorting any of the printing or labeling on the outside of the tube.

Many products you use daily come in plastic squeeze tubes, products like hand creams, shampoos, cleansing creams, facial masks, tanning lotions and many other types of cosmetics and toiletries. Other businesses in the food, pharmaceuticals, household and industrial trades widely use plastic squeeze tubes as well.

Laminated Squeeze Tubes

When it comes to laminate squeeze tubes, you should think toothpaste tubes since laminate tubes were first used primarily to package toothpaste. However, today laminate tubes are used for many other different products like artists’ paints, medical ointments, hair care products and even oral care products because of its flexibility, durability and low costs.Laminate tubes are quite similar to plastic squeeze tubes but with a couple added advantages. Laminate tubes are constructed with different layers of aluminum and plastic providing a better barrier inside the tube that gives it properties something like a metal squeeze tube. This provides the packaged product maximum protection from oxygen and allows the squeeze tube to be completely flexible and durable while keeping its attractive external appearance throughout the use of the packaged product.

Aluminum Squeeze Tubes

Aluminum squeeze tubes are formed by an impact hammer extrusion process using 99.9% pure aluminum.  This process creates an impermeable, air-tight tube with a main advantage of providing superior protection to its contents. Aluminum tubes are seamless and are great at keeping products like cosmetics, paints, adhesives, foods and pharmaceuticals fresh and uncontaminated over a long time span of off-and-on use.

At PreferPack, we’ve provided companies in the cosmetics, food, oral care, hair care, personal care, paint, lubrication and adhesive industries with quality squeeze tubes for many years. Our staff at PreferPack has many years of experience designing, creating and delivering the ideal squeeze tubes to businesses of all sizes.


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