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Make Your Squeeze Tubes More Versatile With A Custom Squeeze Tube Cap

Plastic squeeze tubes are some of the most versatile, customizable forms of packaging available, but one part of the squeeze tube with great customizing potential is sometimes overlooked – the cap.

The cap on the squeeze tube has two important jobs: effectively and efficiently dispensing the product contained in the squeeze tube, and protecting the contained product from contaminants such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture. However, with recent advancements in tooling technology and materials, creating a unique, custom-shaped squeeze tube cap and dispenser is more feasible.

Recently, one of our customers approached us about designing and creating a special tube dispenser for one of their medical cream products. Developed was a proprietary squeeze tube cap and dispenser that effortlessly dispensed an extremely flat and even ribbon of the product. The proprietary squeeze tube cap not only improved the end user’s experience of the product, but the ribbon dispenser made applying the correct amount of the medical product much easier, reducing waste and potentially even side effects based on over use.

There are many different types and styles of caps for plastic squeeze tubes, and this is a small representation of all the different squeeze tube caps you can choose from at PreferPack.

As the ribbon-dispensing tube cap is proprietary and custom-made, there was a tooling cost, but our experience in squeeze tubes and tube cap design and manufacturing helped keep that cost well below what others would have charged.

This is just one reason why more companies are choosing PreferPack to help design and develop their plastic squeeze tubes. Call us at 1-877-284-7752, and we will be happy to discuss squeeze tubes and other types of custom packaging solutions with you.


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