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Packaging for Shipping: Choose the Right Materials

25% of brand loyal consumers hesitate in their purchasing decisions if packaging is damaged.  – Brand Packaging Magazine

A key factor in developing a brand’s trust and healthy sales is choosing the right materials for its product packaging. After all, consumers experience misgivings about purchasing a product if the product’s packaging is damaged or discolored. Damage can occur for a variety of reasons, including shipping packaging, but the primary cause often lies in the materials utilized for inner and outer packaging, as well the packaging shape.

Inner Packaging Solutions

Choosing the wrong type and amount of inner or interior packaging material can lead to such problems as a product movement or crushing, as well as denting and damaging of the external package.

Effective fillers that help secure a product include inner carton or other padding materials, such as foam, popcorn, bubble wrap, small inflated bags, pads, partitions, die-cut inserts, and more.

Outer Packaging Solutions

Meanwhile, the majority of shipping damage and wear and tear is often found in the external packaging materials. Choosing sturdier, more reliable external material over less expensive, unreliable material can help avoid the damage complaints.

Careful consideration and thorough packaging testing can help ensure that the package makes it through each stage, from production runs to the store shelves.

Packaging Shape Solutions

Finally, avoid complicated packaging shapes, as oddly shaped shipping packages require more time of logistics experts to carefully stack and transport the product on pallets and in trucks. Once the product reaches shelves, it must also account for the depth and height of the display shelf in order to fit as many units as possible.

As a result, many product manufacturers are now considering shelf-ready packaging to address both shipping and display needs.

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