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PBL Collapsible Tubes Provide Versatility for Use in All Industries

The versatility of PBL (Plastic Barrier Laminate) squeeze tubes have earned this type of collapsible tube broad industrial admiration for its ability to handle food, cosmetic, personal care, chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Toothpaste tubes are excellent examples of PBL collapsible tubes and how they retain their shape and look no matter how many times they are used.

The reason for the PBL tube’s versatility comes from its structure and materials used, as the tube keeps its shape regardless of how the consumer handles it or what product is contained inside the tube. That addition of material “memory” in the PBL tube is much different from ABL (Aluminum Barrier Laminate) collapsible tubes. The EVOH barrier plastic in the PBL tube protects the tube’s contents from oxygen and prevents oils from transferring through the layers of tubes just like the aluminum barrier in ABL tubes.

Beyond their versatility, PBL tubes are easy and cost-effective to manufacture. A laminated PBL tube starts as a five-layer flat sheet of plastic, and the fifth, most interior material layer of this type of tube is EVOH plastic that acts as the impermeable barrier protecting the product. In an ABL tube, the tube is formed the same way but the fifth, most interior layer is made of aluminum instead of plastic.

The outer laminate layer of the tube accepts a variety of premium surface treatments and artwork, and with the superior “memory” of the PBL tube material, any artwork or decoration on a squeeze tube never cracks or becomes deformed. The finished product will look new for a long time.

PreferPack delivers the finest, highest quality PBL, ABL and extruded squeeze tubes to customers across a wide range of markets and industries. We offer a low minimum order quantity of 5,000 extruded plastic squeeze tubes (10,000 min. for ABL and PBL squeeze tubes), ideal for small or new product trial runs. Your customers will love the convenience, efficiency and beauty of squeeze tubes, and you will love PreferPack’s quick turnaround, excellent quality and personal service. Let us help you design the best squeeze tube for your needs. Visit us at or call us at 877-284-7752 to learn more about how PreferPack can help you design and create the squeeze tubes you want and need.


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