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Save Money on Packaging and Achieve Product Success

It is often said that you get what you pay for. In the packaging world, such is not always the case. At PreferPack, we know that packaging has a lot to do with how well a product sells, but we do not necessarily believe that the amount of money you spend on packaging always correlates to the success of a product.  As a matter of fact, many companies save money on packaging and achieve product success.

How to stay budget-friendly while showing product appeal:

  • Stay as environmentally friendly as possible. There are multiple reasons why choosing sustainability is desirable for your customers. “Green” and biodegradable materials give your product a clean look and satisfy many customers’ hope for less waste. Plus, they are often less costly.

  • Don’t go crazy on materials. When you over package a product, it can look bulky and be heavier in weight making it run on the expensive side. The more material you have, the more money you will pay in production as well as shipping costs. Assess your product’s requirements and use those as a guide to determine how much the product actually needs.

  • Limit the dead space in your box. Your product most likely does not need more than 2 inches of space between it and the box it is in. By trying to use more standard sizes, you could save money.

  • Go easy on the colors, if you can. Printing color is always more expensive so using minimal colors is advisable. Plus, too much color can make a product look tacky.

Save money on packaging, however possible, to invest more into your business and other projects. Get customized help from PreferPack.


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