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Squeeze Tubes Can Reduce Costs & Improve Your Product Shelf Life Over Jars

When it comes to skin care and cosmetics, there’s a reason you see squeeze tubes used more and more while jars are used less. Squeeze tubes deliver a wide range of advantages over jars that can have a large positive impact to your business and its bottom line.

Comparing squeeze tubes and jars side-by-side, obviously the two types of containers look and feel completely different. They also perform differently, too, which is a large factor on many companies switching to squeeze tubes for their products.

Opaque squeeze tubes don’t allow any light to penetrate the container walls and breakdown the tube’s contents. In fact, plastic squeeze tubes are ideal to protect products from damaging light and air, giving your product a longer shelf life without having to turn to using preservatives. It’s a win-win.

For example, if an anti-aging skincare cream is packaged in a jar, a person must use something – usually one or two fingers – to get the anti-aging cream out of the package. This scenario is an ideal way to ruin the entire contents of the jar since unhygienic fingers can quickly deliver contaminants.

Contents in squeeze tubes are applied to the fingers, leaving the remaining cream in the tube untouched and much more hygienic for a much longer period. This is a great way of creating happy customers that will remember your great product and value you delivered, giving your company a better chance at repeat business and customers.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, squeezable tubes are simply much cheaper to make than jars. From materials to producing the squeeze tubes in nearly any size you could need, plastic tubes provide an incredibly cost effective packaging option for a large range of products.

Large Extruded Plastic Squeeze Tubes

Having a lower cost also allows you to do more research and development with your products and packaging branding since it’s much less expensive to produce small runs of plastic squeeze tubes vs. jars. The same goes for packaging printing, as it’s much easier and cost effective in terms of labor-hours to customize squeeze tubes with 6-color offset printing vs. printing labels and placing them on every jar by hand or with special tooling.

You can find more information about squeezable tubes at, as well as information on many other types of standard and customized packaging solutions. Customers have trusted Prefer Pack’s service and advice for more than 40 years, and we are happy to help you find the perfect packaging for your business. Feel free to contact us via email or call (877) 284-7752.


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