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Take Advantage of Shelf Ready Packaging

The best way to ensure a retailer displays your product correctly is by using Shelf-Ready Packaging, or SRP. SRP is becoming much more popular because it’s an ideal way to ship, display and market your product that also provides a cost-effective packaging solution for stocking and waste management to the retailer.

Shelf-ready packaging, also called retail-ready or display-ready packaging, offers many benefits to your business, and the most noticeable benefit is brand awareness and marketing. Creating brand-specific packaging, whether it’s corrugated, squeeze tubes or a combination of different materials, gives your products great visibility on the shelf in front of customers.

Your branded packaging sitting on the shelves helps to reinforce your marketing efforts as well, building your brand recognition and product awareness to shoppers even though they might not have purchased your product. If shoppers see your quality packaging and begin to recognize your brand, this is a great opportunity to build their trust even before they purchase a single thing from you.

Providing retailers with display-ready packaging provides incentive to the retailer since SRP makes your packaging much easier to open, eliminating the need for cutting tools while reducing the time it takes for your products to be stocked and displayed on their shelves. This also means your products are convenient to restock when the need arises.

Spot Litho Label Counter Top Display

There are several different types of shelf-ready-packaging including:

Shelf trays

These types of SRP are constructed mostly of corrugated with a tray that contains your product displayed on the shelf along with a lid that protects the product during shipping. The cover usually separates from the tray via perforation, and a protective plastic film is used sometimes for added protection.

Promotional display

Products are often times displayed in a merchandising unit, or promotional display, when they sell fast or are promotional goods. Using a promotional display for products and secondary placements can trigger impulse purchases.

Re-usable trays

This type of SRP acts exactly like corrugated trays but is designed to be reused repeatedly either directly in the store or on a rotation since they can be shipped back to the product’s producer. These trays are usually made out of plastics but can be created out of a variety of custom packaging materials at As always, you can visit us at where we can help you sort through your packaging and display options. We’ve been providing custom packaging since 1976. Feel free to give us a call at (877) 284-7752 and ask about the many different ways we can help your products ship safer and display better.


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