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Understanding The Importance Of Sustainable Packaging

According to a report by Smithers Pira, the global market for sustainable packaging is forecast to reach $244 billion by the year 2018. The report also stated that sustainability programs, which are serving an important platforms in new product and marketing development, but are also being seen as a source of innovation, while appealing to the consumer. With this being said, right now appears to be the time to consider utilizing a more sustainable option for your packaging needs.

What Is Sustainable Packaging

In order for a packaging design to be considered sustainable, it must be made from material that is environmentally friendly throughout its entire life cycle, including in its functionality, marketing, and after its use has been fulfilled. In addition, reducing the costs involved with packaging design has also become an important factor in sustainable packaging solutions.

Sustainable Packaging Trends

Included in the report was a study on the trends to look for when it comes to sustainable packaging solutions. These included:

  • Downsizing and using lightweight packaging materials

  • An increase in recycling and waste recovery

  • Increased use of recyclable materials

  • Increased use of renewable resource materials

  • Improvements in both packaging and logistical efficiency

The Benefits Of Sustainable Packaging

Not only will the use of sustainable packaging help the environment in reducing waste, but also its ability to control the energy costs related to the production of these solutions. In addition, the use of sustainable materials can help to save you money. This can be accomplished by reducing the amount of materials required in your packaging, by creating the right design by using the proper sizing for your product, and with the use of eco-friendly digital printing.

In today’s world, being green has never been more important. Sustainability will continue to grow in its importance and will become a key factor in product packaging. For help designing a more sustainable packaging solution for your business’ needs, contact PreferPack today.


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